Some Can Dance




released July 18, 2015

Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by L. Mumford
Art Design by the lovely & talented B. Brush.


tags: punk Canada


all rights reserved


PRSM Nova Scotia

adam - drums
joel gray - guitar
james rage - bass

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Track Name: Fluorescent Resentment
The undying light I can't stand to see, feel, or touch
I'm grinding my teeth to the fucking gums, sleep feels like such a crutch

I only know the sickest jokes, you know the kind there's no punchline
And so succeeds the hand that needs, composure is for pricks

I could be wrong
I'm always wrong
It's my gift to you
Track Name: Talking About the Weather
I don't care what you say and you should know
It's not my fault your life is boring
Your life is so fucking boring

Some can dance we all can spit
When in Rome let's burn to death
The well's run dry it's not hard to tell
You'll always have yourself to sell
Track Name: Western Medicine
Some days I wake up in a cold sweat and some days I don't wake up at all
I can't seem to put my feet on the ground in succession

I'm disengaged / disenchanted / disillusioned

Someday you're gonna break through but until then take this pill
Through sheer tyranny of will truth comes to life and is born still

Western Medicine
Side effects, little more than a specimen
Track Name: Bland Obituaries
If these walls could talk they'd say "get some rest"
Ambition left and said "I tried my very best"

Life is inescapable, tell me it means something

Today had endless potential that I slept through
Future corpses intersect, count their blessings, and read the news

Drag this hollow body through these dead streets
Desperately planting seeds on fresh concrete

Death is inescapable
Tell me it means something
Death is inescapable
I need it
To mean