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released March 28, 2013


tags: punk Canada


all rights reserved


PRSM Nova Scotia

adam - drums
joel gray - guitar
james rage - bass

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Track Name: Ascension
Stare at the wall, and read the writing.
We're in the swing of things / five for fighting
It carries on the frequencies
it's in big red letters on your TV screens.
So flip the switch, bring in focus
All that "live your live" hocus pocus
But we pretend not to hear
We can't accept what we know to be real
Track Name: Spawn Of
You live the life you hate,
Inside a static state.
Complacent Bonds still break,
Just for Indifference sake.
Closed Eyes See nothing change,
The faces just rearrange.
Insipid, Stale and Dry
We Spawn and then we die.
Track Name: Wake Forest
You're not the only one,
to search the city through all the debris.
Who decides what's important,
Who decides who gets to be free.
Compassion is a concept we don't understand.
Trust is just a crutch
Embrace is just a band
We live and die by the sword, we destroy what we build
Track Name: Die Angry
Bouquets are the blurred line between
compassion and formality.
Pacified Masses Define Freedom and Morality
Feet tied tight, too the burning effigy
This ignorance runs so deep it has integrity.
This is not “fuck you”
This is “You can’t keep me down”
Apathy Kills, I don’t care
Track Name: All Prologue
March with the masses, sympathetic to the cause,
Step into the spotlight and bow to the applause
Who decides what stories they write about us are true,
Cause it's the hand that strikes the match that burns it all down.
The message is crystal clear through the shit reception,
Buried in the mass graves of our missed connections.
Track Name: Binding Borders
Genocide makes for an ugly disguise,
Accordance with bloodshed ‘til their states demise.
Borders define us and tie us to beliefs,
Praying for supremacy and never for peace.
Notes in the western wall never read,
“Dear God, Life is Hell”